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A clique is a coalition of individuals united by a common interest or goal. At the Keating, our goal is to reunite travel and luxury through providing unforgettable experiences as unique and individual as the guests themselves. When it came to designing the perfect loyalty program, our Personal Concierge team researched successful reward systems of various natures with hopes to learn what is most sought after by the frequent traveler. After several weeks with little to show, it dawned on us to go directly to the source; thus the KEATING CLIQUE was fashioned.

Join us as we redefine the world of hospitality, one experience at a time.

Enlist with us now. Tell us what amenities and benefits YOU value most, and save 20% off your next stay*


play more > stay more > experience more

Membership benefits and rewards will be revealed soon - if there are any original ideas you wish to see in the program, please email

*By completing this form, you have chosen to opt into the Keating Clique. As a member of the clique, you will receive exclusive offers, newsletters, and experience enhancers throughout the year via email.

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