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New Year's Resolutions

Keep your New Year's Resolution to get fit with these fun ways to stay active near the Keating Hotel.

Written by
Adam Della Rocca

The top New Year’s resolution is always: Get Fit. It makes sense: the dark mornings and early evenings of winter are comforted by larger portions and more frequent eating, it’s harder to get up and workout in the dark mornings, the feasting between Thanksgiving and Christmas pack on the LBs. So it is not just a throwaway resolution, but a sensible and timely remind to break yourself out of that funk and get back into shape.

The trick to making it last, I have found, it to just remain active. Surfing, yoga, boxing, a traditional workout class, or a short run can all count towards your goal of getting fit. The more variety, the better, as boredom is the first ingredient for failure.

So the next time you are at the Keating and want to continue to stick to your resolution, stay active with these local, boredom-defying, unique exercise experiences:

Dance in Heels

Niara Dance offers drop-in classes for aerobic dance classes wearing heels. Work up a sweat while learning some new dance moves you can use later that evening at one of the many clubs that line 5th in the Gaslamp.

Women in a dance class

Pilates & Barre

Pilates of San Diego is located near the Keating in the East Village, and has a variety of classes to suit your schedule or fitness level. The advantages of barre and pilates are well-documented, but perhaps the best endorsement, is the fact that every pilates or barre class I have witnessed is usually attended by incredibly attractive people. The fact that they probably also have a nutritionist, personal yoga instructor and an abundance of leisure time doesn’t change the fact that you have at least one thing in common with them… you are in the same class as them.

Women doing pilates

OrangeTheory Fitness

OTF is all about staying in the “Orange.” This is a bit of a departure from the Keating’s usual love affair with all things red, but I will give it a pass, as Orange is the level of intensity where OTF wants your heart rate. An ever-changing 60-minute workout where your objective is to keep the intensity level up with a heart rate monitor keeps these classes upbeat and fun. It also has a bit of competitiveness built in, as your heart rate is shown on a screen for all the class to see.

A group taking a fitness class running on a treadmill

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