Keating Notes

Learn some of the more interesting facts about our historic San Diego Hotel.

Hotel Keating is unlike any other San Diego Hotel, and one reason is the rich history of the building. 

  • “The aesthetic, innovative approach of Pininfarina design blends with the historical details of the building, making the Keating a unique emotional experience." Pablo Pinifarina, Chairman and CEO of Pinifarina Extra
  • Luxury from the start: The Keating building was constructed at a cost of $135,000 in 1890 - that's over $3.8 million adjusted for inflation.
  • One of the original Keating building tenants was the San Diego Trust & Savings Bank, whose original, underground vault still exists in the hotel basement.
  • The first public library in San Diego was located inside of the Keating building.
  • The ghost of Fannie Keating us rumored to grace the Penthouse floor with her presence. Guests and employees alike have reported friendly sightings and credit unusual happenstance to her visits.
  • Lay your hands on history at the Keating, with original banisters, exposed brick walls, original exterior windows and even the hitch rings on the curb, where past visitors would have tied off their horses.
  • The elevator at the Keating was the first elevator in San Diego. The equipment is modern, but the original elevator was steam-powered. 

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