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Prohibition is Over!

Not to be caught off-guard, the Keating’s General Manager, yours truly, has prepared a few tips to help you navigate your post-Prohibition experiences.

Written by
Adam Della Rocca

Doctors smoke it
Nurses smoke it
Judges smoke it
Even lawyer, too
So you’ve got to legalize it
And don’t criticize it
Legalize it, yeah yeah
And I will advertise it

– Peter Tosh – Legalize It

Peter Tosh, prescience notwithstanding, could have accurately been describing Cali’s pot scene since January 1, 2018. Now, a month into marijuana’s legalization, the Keating has seen the underground move into the light, with guests inquiring, no longer with hushed breath, where and how they get some hands on some good herb.

Not to be caught off-guard, the Keating’s General Manager, yours truly, has prepared a few tips to help you navigate your post-Prohibition experiences.

Black and white picture of a man smoking a cigarette

Who can purchase?
Anyone 21+ with a valid government issued, picture I.D.

How much can I buy?
1 oz. of flower, 8g of concentrate, and up to 6 plants. In laymen’s terms – more than enough to enjoy yourself and have leftovers souvenirs.

How do I transport my stash?
The dispensaries will package your purchases in child-proof containers, and as long as they are in there and concealed, you are allowed to have them in your car. Transporting marijuana across state lines is still illegal, so if you are leaving California – smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

Where can I smoke it?
The Keating is 100% non-smoking – including vapes, so for the time being…not here. Also not in public.  Current laws prohibit smoking in places where tobacco is banned (restaurants, offices, in front of certain buildings). So for now, you may have to wait until you get to your California residence to try it out – or consume an edible responsibly.

Where can I buy it?
There are six dispensaries in San Diego and two of them are owned by the same company, Urban Leaf. Fortunately for the Keating guest, this is the one dispensary that I would recommend, as their professional, knowledgeable staff cater to the high-brow clientele that frequent The Keating.

Contrary to the common misconception of a Birkenstock-clad, tie-dye wearing, bearded hippie smelling of patchouli and bopping his head to a 23-minute Phish jam, the employees at Urban Leaf are a sophisticated. You can give them a suggestion of what you are looking for, as vague as, “I want to feel like I had a glass of wine before bed,” and they will recommend an edible or hybrid flower that will get you close to what you are looking. It’s a similar experience to telling a bartender at a cocktail bar that you like whisky – but nothing too sweet, and he conjures a fancy cocktail from a Prohibition era recipe book he found in a bookstore in Greenwich Village, when he was a film student at NYU.

Enjoy Post-Prohibition California – and be sure to ask for a late-check-out before ingesting that gummy bear.

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