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Things to do in San Diego: Whale Watching in San Diego

As the magnificent Grey Whales migrate from the cold waters in the north to the warmer waters in the Baja of Mexico, Whale Watching Tours give guests an up-close look at Grey Whales, Dolphin, Humpback Whales and more. Our San Diego Travel Blog article, Things to do in San Diego: Whale Watching in San Diego highlights ways to make the most of your tour!

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Maria Mancuso

San Diego is ideally located on the southernmost coast of California which is a great location for watching the migrating Grey Whales on their way south to Baja to give birth to their babies.

The Keating Hotel is located in the heart of Downtown San Diego which is very close to the San Diego Harbor where many of the top San Diego Whale Watching tours. Our latest San Diego Travel Blog article; Things to do in San Diego: Whale Watching in San Diego – introduces you to just a few of the most reviewed Whale Watching Tours in San Diego. 

The best San Diego Whale Watching Tours offer premier Whale Watching experiences off the coast of Southern California. The top operators provide smaller to very large boats with multiple decks for observing the Whales, Dolphins during the tour. Depending on the type of Whale Watching Tour you choose, you can expect to be served drinks and some refreshments at the minimum.  Other tour operators offer a more complete selection of beverages, and food items.  Other tour providers offer a genuine Dinner Cruise that features a luxury, sit down dinner, cocktails and more.

If you prefer to enjoy a private tour on a smaller boat, this is available with the right provider.  You can also request a private tour for a small group of friends or a corporate gathering on one of the top Whale Tour operators.  

Each of the tours offer informative, entertaining and at sometimes, funny narrative points about the Whale Watching experience.  Guests learn a great deal about the Whale migration, the diet of these massive mammals, where they are coming from and where they are going to the Baja coast.

No tour can guarantee that you will see Whales or Dolphins, although most operators will give you a ‘rain check’ ticket to come back the next day should you not see Whales or Dolphins during your tour.

You can expect to see Humpback Whales, Blue Whales and Grey Whales during the months of December to March as well as Dolphin and Bottlenose Dolphin.

Tips for San Diego Whale Watching Tours:

  • Although the weather in San Diego is near perfect most of the year, you’ll want to bring a jacket on your Whale Watching Tour. It is a good idea to bring snacks and drinks, as you’ll be out on the water for a few hours but ask your tour provider if they will provide beverages and snacks. Of course, don’t forget your camera or phone! 
  • Whale watching season in San Diego runs from mid-December through April, and migrating Gray Whales are the most common species. To see females with their calves, go late in the season as they guide their babies back north with them.
  • Humpback Whales aren't the only aquatic life you can expect to see during your Whale Watching Tour… Dolphins can be seen regularly, and on rare occasions there can be Dolphin pods that number in the thousands.
  • How Long will the Whale Watching Tour last? This depends on tour you choose, and you should ask your selected operator, but the typical tour lasts between 2 ½ to 3 hours.

The following are local, popular Whale Watching Tour Providers:

San Diego Whale Watch
Telephone: 619-542-9931
Information: View Website  

Hornblower San Diego 
Telephone: 619-686-8715
Information: View Website  

Cruise San Diego 
Telephone: 619-288-8554
Information: View Website  

Flagship Cruises San Diego 
Telephone: 619- 234-4111
Information: View Website  

We hope our latest San Diego Travel Blog article; Things to do in San Diego: Whale Watching in San Diego has helped you in selecting the best Whale Watching Tour for your schedule and interests 

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