San Diego Activities: Enjoy a Whale Watching Tour

Witness one of the most exciting natural migrations of Humpback Whales, and other species of Whales and Dolphins as they travel north and south along the California coast. Whale Watching is one of the most popular San Diego Activities.

One of nature’s most beautiful sights is watching a pod of Humpback Whales, Gray Whales or Dolphins as they play among the waves and breach the surface of the beautiful blue ocean and crash down in spectacular fashion.

During the Winter months and Spring months visitors to San Diego can witness the annual Gray Whale migration. Thousands of Gray Whales travel 6,000 miles along the California coastline each year down to the warm lagoons in Mexico to give birth to their babies. The Whales then return to head back up the coast to their feeding grounds in the Bering Strait of Alaska.

Whale Watching Tours are among the most popular San Diego Activities. 

From December through April:  From San Diego, you can see the both the North and South Migration of Gray Whales.  Because the whales travel close to the Southern California Coast during their migration, it is fairly easy to see these Whales swim along the coast.
Gray Whales are, well…BIG!  Gray Whales can grow to 45 feet in length and can weigh up to 40 tons which makes their aerial performance all the more impressive.  

From May through November: The water quality and temperature of the Southern California Coast produces especially nutrient-rich water which attracts among other species, Blue Whales and Fin Whales. Blue Whales are the largest animals on the planet and we are lucky that we have one of the most robust populations of Blue Whales in the world.  It is estimated that only 1% of the human population will ever see a Blue Whale in the wild. Take a Whale Watching Tour when you visit San Diego and if the stars are aligned you may have this once in a lifetime experience of seeing a Blue Whale.

Throughout the entire year: Fin Whales, Dolphins, Humpback Whales and Mince Whale can be seen along the San Diego coast at any time.

There are a number of reputable providers for Whale Watching Tours, here are two:

San Diego Whale Watch
1717 Quivira Road
San Diego, CA, 92109
Phone: 619.839.0128
Website > 

Hornblower Whale Watching Tours
2825 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: 619.686.8700
Website > 

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Humpback whale breaching the water