San Diego Attractions: Little Italy

When you stay at Downtown San Diego Hotels like The Keating Hotel, you’re close to some of the top things to do in San Diego like visiting the lively San Diego neighborhood of Little Italy.

San Diego’s Little Italy 
Little Italy Association of San Diego
2210 Columbia Street
San Diego, CA 92101 
Telephone: 619.233.3898

About San Diego’s Little Italy:
San Diego’s Little Italy is one of the many ‘Little Italy’ neighborhoods scattered across the United States, and this San Diego neighborhood is one of the top Attractions in San Diego. The various Little Italy districts in the U.S. have symbolized the contributions that Italians have made to American culture, and now serve as gathering places for those who want to preserve the rich Italian heritage that is such an important part of the United States.

Over the years in America, many Little Italy neighborhoods have disappeared or fallen into decline. There are few that represent the former glory of the thriving Italian neighborhoods, but San Diego’s Little Italy is a little different. San Diego’s Little Italy houses an established residential community, many businesses with stable ethics, and a huge influx of San Diego visitors throughout the year.

Why You Should Visit San Diego’s Little Italy:
Since the 1920’s, San Diego’s Little Italy has housed Italian families, more than 6,000 families at one time. Little Italy represents downtown San Diego’s oldest continuous community and business district, and it’s one of the top spots for San Diego Tours and San Diego Dining.

Although San Diego’s Little Italy did suffer a few decades of hardship due to construction of the Interstate-5 freeway and decline of the tuna industry that fueled the community, it is today a model urban neighborhood. When you visit San Diego’s Little Italy, you’ll surely notice the influences that new Italian American and non-Italian business owners have brought in, such as popular retail stores and contemporary professional spaces.

There has been some creative work done by talented architects and builders to turn Little Italy into one of the top Attractions in San Diego.   In recent years, there has been an effort to enhance and improve the Little Italy neighborhood with the building of the new Plaza, a gathering place for visitors to enjoy live music, food and some great people watching. Many new restaurants and shops have come to Little Italy to join the long list of longstanding eateries and shops.

Little Italy tells the story of Italian immigrants and residents through public art displays and pizza places on almost every street. San Diego’s Little Italy is a great place to go when you’re looking for San Diego Tours that depict the history of this exciting city.

Little Italy offers much more than just Italian Restaurants. Visitors can choose from a variety of restaurants, shops and vendors.

Tips for Visiting San Diego’s Little Italy:
Little Italy offers much more than just Italian Restaurants. Visitors can choose from a variety of restaurants including; Assenti’s Pasta, Born & Raised, Bayside Kitchen & Bar, The Crack Shack, Caffe Italia, Burger Lounge, Salt & Straw and many more.

There are many great shops in Little Italy, including; Blick Art Materials, Boomerang for Modern, Bottlecraft, etc.

If you’re looking for fun San Diego Events to take in within minutes of The Keating Hotel, head to Little Italy and attend Little Italy’s Farmers’ Market, Kettner Nights in Little Italy North, the Annual Little Italy Fiesta, or the Annual Little Italy Tree Lighting and Christmas Village.

Interesting Facts About San Diego’s Little Italy:

  • San Diego’s Little Italy was ripped apart by freeway construction during the 1960’s, and it took quite a while to recover. 
  • At 48 square blocks, San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood is the largest in the United States.
  • At one time, more than 6,000 Italian families lived in Little Italy who helped put San Diego into the center of the world tuna industry.
  • Downtown San Diego’s redevelopment in the 1980’s began in the Gaslamp Quarter, and ended in Little Italy, bringing a host of stylish condos, funky San Diego Shopping boutiques, and world-class San Diego Restaurants.

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