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This San Diego attraction has been welcoming visitors since 1916!

Visitors come from around the world to visit the San Diego Zoo – a famous San Diego Attraction. 

About San Diego Zoo:
Without a doubt one of the most spectacular zoological institutions in the entire world, The San Diego Zoo is the centerpiece of Balboa Park. The zoo rests on 100 acres of prime real estate in San Diego County’s largest urban green space. Not just a bunch of animals on display, this San Diego Attraction is a respected center of conservation research and education. Among its many credits, the zoo was a pioneer in the concept ofo replacing the Victorian-era cages, found in zoos in the early 20th century, for open air enclosures created to look and feel like the animal’s natural habitat.

Some of the stunning environments the San Diego Zoo has recreated include the West African Forest, which features a 65 foot waterfall and West African Dwarf Crocodiles. There’s also Tiger River and Ituri Forest, which is modeled after a real Central African Forest of the same name, and is home to Okapis, Hippos, and several species of monkeys. Ituri Forest even has huts that the Mbuti, a local pygmy tribe of the forest, live in with descriptions of their customs and traditions on display. 

The Asian Passage habitat is home to Sun Bears and Pandas. There are two aviaries featuring birds from all over creation. Also residing at this San Diego Attraction are Clouded Leopards, Gorillas, Grizzly Bears, and Cassowaries. From huge mammals to rare insects, you name it, and you’ll probably find it here. 

Along with the habitats, there are some unique experiences to take in. The Keeper for a Day program gives you the chance to assist a keeper and take part in their daily routines including feeding the animals, keeping their environments clean, and observing and recording behavior—all while seeing the zoo from inside the habitats.  

Plan to spend at least one day here during your stay, although a single day is scarcely enough to fully experience this San Diego Attraction. The zoo is home to over 3,700 animals spanning 650 species and subspecies, multiple education centers, presentations with zookeepers offering close encounters with the animals, the Skyfari, as well as shopping and restaurants. 

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